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I had pain for many years w/o a diagnosis. Seen a rheumatologist whom ordered blood test then diagnosed me with RA. Methotrexate and folic acid for approx 2 years. The results were pretty damn good, but now its getting worse. My specialist was getting ready to start new meds then she transferred about 200 miles away. Haven't found new doctor yet. Symptom's are getting worse. It used to hit one joint at a time now it is triggering in two joints. Have pain and weakness in these joints. Cannot move due to the pain. Only 55 yrs old.

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  • Hi Frank - I'm sorry for the regression. That really sucks once you actually start feeling better. I presume you are in the UK?

  • Sorry to hear that. New doctor will add more meds most likely.

  • I am feeling your pain, I thought I had things under control with RA by taking Methotrexate and Plaquenil along with Folic Acid for about two years. My doctor also transfered out of town and now the new doctor is prescribing twice as much medicine and I am not sure I want to take 8 to 10 pills a day. What am I to do. 58 years old

  • I have had RA for two years, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis for 20 years before that. Was on methotrexate and folic acid for a year, first orally and then by injection. Seemed to have no effect. Changed rheumatologists and was immediately put on sulfasalazine and a then added Humira. Have had significant relief from this combination. My blood work came back normal last visit for the first time in over twenty years! I had years of continuous pain, unable to function. Still have morning stiffness over entire body and get tired easily but have had a lot of improvement in recent months. Hope you get issues resolved soon. The right doctor makes all the difference in the world.

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