I've had RA for 9 yrs, been in a lot of pain on a daily basis. I've seen several RA doctors and have had bad luck with all of them. I'm seeing a dr for pain for about 2yrs,he is the most caring doctor that would spend as much time as neede to talk about my issues,with other doctors I would see would have me out of there office in15 minutes.He has saved my life, he is understanding and will go to all lengths to help. That's just a small portion of my story.

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  • I love your story. You finally found a caring doctor. I hope my new rheumy is like yours. Thanks for sharing.

  • It's wonderful to find a doctor that makes you feel better, even it if is just the way they treat you. I have been very lucky in that regard, so I am glad you got lucky too!

  • I also went to two RA doctors that did not help me and had really bad attitudes. I have a Primary Doctor who is wonderful and has done so much for me and also takes alot of time with me.

    Looks like our experiences are the same,so needless I can relate to you.

  • Awesome - I don't think most physicians really understand how much impact they have on every single patient that walks into their offices, and it multiplies exponentially when you add in their family members and friends. It is wonderful that you found a caring one..

  • It always makes a difference to have a doc you can trust who is compassionate. They are not all that way. I had one once who repeatedly ignored my complaints of so much pain in my ankle and swelling that I could not walk by midday. She literally told me I needed to understand I had a debilitating disease and would just have to live with the pain. I immediately switched and discovered that I had bone damage in my foot that had actually caused a tendon to rupture which resulted in difficult surgery with lengthy recovery. No one knows your body like you do so always speak up! You are your best advocate!

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