No more neck pain

Finally, my neck pain is gone! I think it started to get better when my Step-Mom gave me an impromptu neck/back massage while we were standing in line at a restaurant. Then I iced my neck for 5 hours two days in a row and went to PT twice and Tada!

I can hardly believe it but I am finally back to my normal. Thanks for everyone's suggestions and well-wishes.


2 Replies

  • I didn't know you could leave ice on for 5 hours

  • I probably shouldn't have, but I was traveling in a car & it kept falling off whenever we turned or went over bumps. It is hard to ice a neck/shoulder, I just used a reusable ice pack the about 6x9 inches. I also had it encased in a washcloth so that the cold wasn't right next to my skin. Cold was the only thing that felt good when I was having the pain & spasms.

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