Connective tissues and muscles

One day i couldn't move on my right side it was sooooo painful then it went to my left scared the hell out of me finally went to my primary care physician i thought I had a mystery diagnosis lol seen a RA doctor give me Metrx and folic acid morning is the worst .the naproxn 500mg doesn't work well, hate being exhausted..muscles ache OMG...need relief its frustrating to be slowed down need to work any home remedies dont like taken these meds ugggh

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  • Hi, sorry to hear about your suffering and pain. I think R/A is the most painful suffering I've ever experienced. Is the methotrexate working? I don't know how long you've been taking it, but I do know you need to take enough of it and then give it six to twelve weeks to see if it works. In the mean time you might want to try taking some prednisone which is a steroid, I'm told it's safe as long as you don't take it all the time and in high does, I'm thinking this may help until the methotrexate kicks in or if it's been twelve weeks maybe the dose is not enough or maybe try something else like Enbrel or Humira. Also a good anti-inflammatory might help, indocin is s a good one or possibly Motrin and there are others too. Blessings, I pray relief comes soon for you. Keep looking up!!! Hope this helps.

  • I agree with preacherman. I experienced the same thing & the Prednisone worked wonders. Keep us posted. Best of luck!!

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