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Hello everyone, I'm Lisa and I'm a RA Warrior. Diagnosed in 1997. I've been on almost every bio med, shots all over my body, enough steroids to kill a herd of cattle, I tried all the herbalist ideas..acupuncture..and I have come to realize...for will always be a rough battle. That's ok means I have the first hand experience to help others. I was also diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis & degenerative disk disease in 2000.

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  • Hi Lisa, welcome to our group! I'm new here too and somewhat new to this disease (diagnosed sero-negative RA since 2015), so really appreciate those who've dealt with this longer that share their experiences both good and bad! I hope and pray for you to feel better and stronger!

  • Hi Lisa Well I have had RA for the past 14 years and it really does change ur life. I unfortunately do not have a system that let's me take a lot of the medications right now I am and have been on prednisone aND arthotec tried methotrexate multiple times has not helped been on orencia planqunil and a ton more all you can do is keep trying to find something that will help. Goodluck

  • Hi Lisa.. Can you tell me the dosage of cortisone you were on

    & are you still on it?


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