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Hi there! I’m Nick. A software developer here at HU.

Since late 2015, I’ve been a voracious meditator. From just a couple of weeks in to the practice, I’ve been a happier person, and people have told me about it. Since then I’ve learned many techniques, taken part in retreats, and have done lots research on my own, and I think it’s about time to give something back.

And that’s where Couch To Buddha comes in. I’m going to post my experiences here, and would love others to do the same. I’ll post a meditation plan and theme for each week, and we can all follow along as a community. We can then post about our personal experiences, suggest techniques that have worked for us, and encourage each other on this path.

I look forward to hearing about you and your experiences, and welcome you to our community!

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  • Hello, I'm Dan, also a developer at HU.

    I'm slowly getting into meditation, I think I'm getting better at adding into my life.

    I'd like to see what long term benefits it can give me.

  • Hi strangely enough I am also a Nick and a Buddhist. my mediation technique is an active one, in that I chant. i.e. I repeat a mantra over and over again bringing forward my Buddha nature from deep in my life to the fore.

    I started chanting ( meditating) 5 mins in the morning and 5 mins in the evening and have grown from there.

    I belong to a lay Buddhist organisation and meet regularly with others like me that chant " Nam Myho Renge Kyo"

    Kind Regards


  • Hi Nick, Just joined and very new to meditation. Your suggestion re meditating 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the even breaks the process down into manageable (sp?) times for a newbie. I guess I thought I had to jump right in to 20 minutes at a time. Your way to start is not so overwhelming. Thanks, burmag (my name is Burma-like the country)

  • I've been meditating for years - but what helped me get into it was discovering a technique that wasn't focusing on me but focusing on what was outside me.

    I'm quite an introverted person so doing stuff that focused on me really wasn't something that was ever going to really help me get a grip on understanding the difference between my thoughts and me - but focusing outside - thinking about what was happening outside without my body - the sounds I could hear just as pure sounds - the colours I could see and the effects they had on me was my way in.

    I have problems absorbing B12 which finally came to light in 2012 - but one of the consequences was depression and anxiety stretching back over 40 years.  Meditating - or mindfulness - definitely something that involves sitting and some of the meditations I have found most useful are those that are part of daily life for me - just being a little more aware of what is going on and being less caught up in my trains of thoughts.  Being able to step away when I'm getting frustrated and do something else for a while.

  • Diana71

    Hi I have never practiced Buddhism but my soon has, at the age of 17 he broke down to me with depression he was in a really bad place and talked about wanting to end it all only because of the love for him family he would never do this ! He cried many times saying he couldn't cope with how how was feeling!! He was very popular and there didn't seem to b any reason for his depression, he wouldn't go to a doctor as he didn't believe in antidepressants or any form of medication ( he later told me he was so scared that medication wouldn't work and wat hope would he then have) he instead spend all day every day in his room educating his self on mindfulness and Buddhism!! He is now 20 and his life has taken a turn for the better he is in a really good place at the min !! He knows depression could creep up again but because he has changed his mind set he is able to deal with things if they occur in a different manner!! His words r "u have to work hard at being depressed " and he understands that now !! He had come through a lot and I am so proud of him he has tried to help many ppl around him but u really have to put in to practice wat u read, too many ppl wait on a doctor or a pill to make them better but in reality only u can make u better and Buddhism really helped him realise this !! I really hope this post helps someone else overcome their feelings!!

  • Nick Helloooooooooooooooooo

  • Nick Helloooooooooooooo

  • Hi Nick, Just signed up.This my second community. Just joined the rls community in August and have gotten a lot of help there. I found this site and thought learning more about meditation would help my anxiety. I am a 73 y.o. retired nurse; live in Atlanta, (USA-Georgia) and, as I get older, believe more and more in help from natural resources, and less from mainstream pharmaceuticals. I have many excellent doctors-very lucky- but I dolike to try other things before taking on heavy duty drugs. Just my opinion. I also believe meditation can helpso many physical sx. Take care, burmag (my name is Burma) PS am a terrible typist. Can you tell?LOL

  • Hi Nick, Thanks for your introductory post. Although a new member I have been meditating for 2 years via Headscape. However, I am always interested in new perspectives on the practice so this looks helpful, especially in sharing the benefits of meditation in everyday life.