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Week 4 run 2 - please say it gets better!

Went out for run 2 of week 4 this evening. Didn't start off well. Was going to take the dog but her lead was with the husband at his work. Got all my kit on & tracking app switched on but iPod shuffle was flat. Went back in to give it a quick charge then it started snowing. :o

Eventually got out determined to complete the run. My walking is definitely getting quicker, the running however, continues at a very gentle pace. 1st two runs are a challenge for the lungs (lots of puffing & panting). The 2nd two runs were a challenge for the legs and the lungs. Please tell me that it gets easier!! I'm almost tempted to repeat a week 2 run to see if it is easier. :D

Think I need to buy some running shoes. Popped into sweatshop at the weekend. The assistant was lovely and asked me what I was doing and if I had any problems. Apart from a chronic knee problem my answer was no. Unfortunately Sunday evening I think I started with some heel pain/ plantar fasciitis and a bit of back ache. :( . New shoes might be in order before I tackle the dreaded week 5 :)

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Don't give up you are doing well. Week four was a shock to me (and I have only just finished it) but you will get used to it. Slow down if you can and pace yourself.

As for the shoes, well i went to sweatshop this weekend and had a gait analysis done and parted with £90 for a good pair of trainers but could not afford the insoles, however they do feel good when running.

You have made it this far and you will make it further - did run 1 of week five today - not as bad as I thought it would be. Good luck to you :-) :-)


Sounds like you need those new shoes!

Persevere with week 4 if you feel up to it, but no one says you can't repeat a week if you feel like it.


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