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Week 2 Run 1

I completed the first of Week 2's runs this morning. I was a bit nervous because I'd totally fluffed up the first run of W1 (couldn't get the pace right at all, didn't even manage all of the runs), but had actually started to enjoy myself during the second and third outing and thought maybe I should repeat W1 before moving on and up. But after reading some posts and comments on here I decided to just go for it.

It was all going well until Laura started giving me tips. As soon as I tried to run landing heel first, I felt something go wrong in my right calf. I've always been told and have run landing on the middle of my foot, and so obviously I've jarred something trying it the C25K way... I'm really annoyed because it made the last few runs a lot harder, and I had been feeling pretty good about how I was getting on up until that point.

I did some cool down stretches when I got home so hopefully that - and the rest day - will help.

What have you guys done when it comes to the 'tips'?

Despite how negative this all sounds, I'm actually really proud of myself. I know I'm only on W2, but sticking to a regime and actually following it through for even just one week is a big deal for me :P

I'm loving how the running is making me feel. I feel so much more energised already - I didn't expect to feel the benefits so quickly! I'm working late shifts at the moment and so running in the morning is really helping me feel more alert throughout the night.

Am actually looking forward to my next outing, and I never thought I'd feel this way about running! So here's hoping my next W2 run goes without any pains!

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Well done for getting to Week 2. I think it's ok to ignore some tips if they don't work for you. I tried running heel first and it hurt my knees - I naturally run with my mid/forefoot hitting the ground first (I think it's years of running in stillettos!). So I ignored that tip and there is plenty of advice out there to say that it's better for you - try Googling heel strike running. if it's hurting you then it's definitely not right for you.

The other piece of advice that many on here have struggled with is the 1-2-3-4 breathing pattern. I can only manage 1-2-3 and 1-2 when I'm really puffed!

Good luck with your future runs and keep blogging so we can see your progress.


Thanks, HardleyHare!

Yeah, I couldn't manage the breathing either! I seem to have made my own 1-2-3 rhythm anyway, and that seems to be working so I'm planning to just stick with that until it gets really tough.

By the time I got to work yesterday (4pm) my leg wasn't hurting at all. I have a full night on my feet ahead of me today so am really relieved that it sorted itself out and wasn't too serious.

Next run I will happily ignore the tips I think!


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