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Me and my running buddy!

My 7 year old is currently obsessed with the Olympics and has been in 'training' by running laps of the garden and doing chin ups on his high up bed! So when he saw me getting on my trainers this morning he was all for coming with me. He's been interested in the running (especially my MP3 player - I suspect he is the reason for a few dead battery incidents! :-) ) for a bit but I usually run when he is at school or in bed. But now the holidays are here there was no reason why he couldn't join in.

I started the W2 podcast for him (W1 has inexplicably disappeared from my MP3 player) and he had to tell me when to run and when to walk. It was a total hoot - like running with a puppy! He kept getting under my feet and then rushing off ahead and then deciding he was tired and stopping dead so I had to screech to a halt to avoid trampling him. The time went really quickly and he did brilliantly tho we did walk a bit towards the end. He has more stamina than I did at the start of the programme and he hared off to play football with his friends in the middle of the cool down walk as we went past the playing fields. I'd never force him but I really hope he wants to come again as I laughed so much on the run and it really was a lot of fun. It would also make it easier to get out as childcare is sometimes a reason I can't get out running when I would like.

As I didn't feel I had had a proper workout I decided to then do the new speed podcast (on my own this time!). Information overload at the begining so I will have to try again to take it all in. I was also a bit dismayed to find that the slow speed is faster than my usual shambling jog. I managed most of it tho I did have to walk a little bit when a fast bit coincided with a hill I have had an issue with previously! I thought I had a good sense of rhythm but found running in time much harder than I expected and 15 seconds has not seemed so long since - Oh, week 1. In spite of all that I really enjoyed it and loved running intervals again and appreciated all the encouragement from Laura especially the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 countdown to the ends of the fast bits. Well done NHS C25K! Hope to try out one of the other C25K+ podcasts on Friday. :-)

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Sounds like you had a fantastic time :-)


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