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No pain, lots of gain!

Well, WK3 R1 was great. Calves didn't hurt, seems that niggle has gone, touch wood or trainers or something. What a great run or 3 minute/90 sec intervals! Sun shining, concentrating on breathing, left leg for 4 steps etc. Takes my mind off thoughts of, OK I'm getting bit out of breath now! I also realise I was running a bit too fast before, maybe that's why calves played up? Anyway you lot on here do keep me going, as earlier I thought I'm not going, have another rest day, could make the calves worse. Then I read some blogs and thought get out there, it's only reps of 3 mins and 90 seconds, not a marathon!! :))

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Good for you!! I'm so happy to hear you're enjoying running. And it's good news that your calves were okay. Please be cautious about them though - I ignored calf pain and ended up being out of action straight after graduation. The good news is I just ran for 10 minutes and the calf seems to be behaving itself.

I hope you continue to thrive on week 3!


Thank you Nevertoolate! May our calves behave themselves!! :)


It's surprising how many problems sort themselves out if we just go slowly- it's all about building stamina to keep going for 30+ minutes and you're well on the way to that- you can work on speed later. Glad to hear you enjoy it :)


Very true happierswimming, thank you for your advice, patience is indeed a happy runner! :)


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