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The highs and lows of W4


I was dreading W4 but R1 went well, it left me buzzing & wanting to do it again (not a feeling I ever thought I’d have)

Today was R2 and I wasn’t feeling it, my legs felt heavy but I told myself I’ve done it before so I can do it again.

I was close to caving as the final 5min jog loomed as the backs of my legs were like lead ... but I managed to extend it to 7mins. I don’t feel buzzing like I did after R1 but I wasn’t feeling it today so am pleased to have got through it.

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I think a lot of folks have a blip with W4. Mine was in R1, yours in R2. Hopefully you'll find R3 the best one. Best of luck! 👍


The feeling your looking for, is called 'smugness'. Enjoy it. EMBRACE it!!!

First one of WK 4 for me tonight - dreading it but feel determined! Seems a bit step up from WK 3

Ex-NonRunner19Graduate in reply to Bertmonkey

It did seem like a big step up but deal with each run section as a one off and keep going, doesn’t matter how slow. Good luck.

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