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Change of scenery tonight.


My son went for a three mile walk with Beavers tonight so I took the opportunity to go for a 30 min run. I went off in the opposite direction then turned back and ran along Severn Beach so past fields and under the bridge that connects England to Wales. It was very windy and got wetter as the evening went on but it was so nice to run somewhere different! I saw some lovely cows too. Caught up with the Beavers later so ran 5k then walked around 2 miles. Tired now! But feel great. Here’s hoping all you guys are good too 😘

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Sounds and looks like a lovely run 😊

Susietirzah78Graduate in reply to Saartjie

Makes a change from pounding the streets near my house! 🏠


Looks lovely! On holiday next week and can't wait to run by the water!

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