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Week 4 Run 2

I have been having a read of everyone’s posts for a little while but haven’t posted anything myself. It’s been so useful to read about other people’s experiences so thought I would share mine.

Having had a few gins, I recently agreed to completing a charity 10k ‘wolf run’ later in the year with my work colleagues. When the alcohol wore off and having committed to doing the run, I knew I needed to get started with some training if I stand any chance of keeping up with my colleagues/surviving the run. That’s when I found the couch to 5k programme. I have never been into fitness after struggling with my health throughout my teens but today I have completed run 2 of week 4. I have been putting this off all weekend because I really struggled with run 1 of week 4. Don’t get me wrong, today’s run was testing but somehow I managed to keep running.

I never thought that I would have the will power to keep this programme up but each time I complete a run I become a little more determined and have a little more faith that this will actually be possible.

Looking forward (sort of) to run 3 and getting started on week 5!

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Well done for keeping at it! Trust the programme and if you've been reading the posts, you know the forum's mantra: slow and steady. Always start slow especially that you are at a turning point. By following the programme, your stamina is building up gradually. Enjoy yourself!


Well done for starting and for getting this far. Just keep going, ticking one run off as you do it and don't fret if you have to repeat runs. There's no time limit on this and you do it in your own time.

I think the moral of your story is not to make any decisions after having a couple of gins 😭

And I love your cat 😘


Welcome and very well done for not pretending it was a ginny error! 😃

This program is amazing and if you are becoming a little more determined each time it is starting to work its magic on you already! I look forward to one of your posts in the future when you tell us that you are enjoying your running adventure and relishing all the many benefits!

If you keep posting, we will cheer you on! 😀


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