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Week 6 run 1

Well that 8 minute part was tougher than I thought!.

All my apps are telling me I have slowed down, and even though I felt like a steam engine, my hr did not go stratospheric (or is this a sign of improving fitness?)

However I have made a decision today not to weigh myself, as I have gained around 4-5lbs, and am the heaviest I have been for several years. I have not been eating more, I did stop the 5:2 regime that i have followed for 3 years, as I figured initially I needed to focus on the running, but still in a calorie deficit so as long as my jeans still fasten I will try to keep positive and not stop for the sake of a few lbs.

Good luck to all having a go today🤗

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Yeayayayayya..not just the run..but ditching the scales:) !!

I gave mine to charity on Little Mum's orders ( daughter) years ago!

How you feel, how your clothes fit. much better guide.. well done you!

Slowing down for these longer runs is a terrific idea.. they are made for relaxing into, slowing down and enjoying. Letting the running legs which are still growing, find their happy pace, and do what they have been building up towards:)

Just move on gently, and lightly and enjoy !

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Thanks Oldfloss.

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Don't worry about slowing down, stamina is the key thing. That's what the programme is trying to build, it's much more useful than speed. So fear not!

It's pretty common for W6R1 to have people going WTH? You've made it out the other side. onward to W6R2, you're getting on the home straight now! :)

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Thank you for that, it’s really helpful.

I think I check the stats to reinforce the fact that I am heading in the right direction. Or maybe to distract myself from the weight gain!

Run 2 tomorrow 😬

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