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No running for a while 😣

No running for a while 😣

Well back on the IC after returning slowly to running a couple of weeks ago.

I'm gutted... finally getting an xray on Wednesday on my hip. Its painful in groin and hip when putting pressure on leg.. managing to walk slowly and was so determined to take part in the 5k colour run at our local country park so i walked it all. Fab event.. ever so slightly envious of the runners but hey I will get back out there soon. More determined now. I can actually say I love running and how it makes you feel.. 😊

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Walking a run is better than no run. You're one committed lady

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Thanks. I so miss running but listening to advice on here has made me take it easy.. until I know what is wrong.

really didn't want to miss this run too as such a good cause. Thanks 😊


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