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come back run 4

well was supposed to be tomorrow but cant run tomorrow so decided to do it today and yes i did have 1 rest day in between .

But yes there's always a but it would have to be indoors on a tread mill it must be the most boring form of exercise but needs must and all that .

so i did the 5 min walk then started to run after about 2 mins thought to stop and wait till Wednesday . then i thought if i do would mean giving in to the gremlins (not going to happen) and very soon timer said 10 mins then 15 then 20 .so slowed it down a bit then walked for the 5 min cool down.

Not my most enjoyable run but at least i did the required 20 mins so 25 mins next time .

10 mins later i'm sitting here thinking when can i run again i was tempted to turn it back on but decided against it as my come back is on track and i don't want to push my luck.

It's strange at the start of the run i was looking for reasons to stop and 10 minutes after the run wanted to do it all again

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