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Week 4 Run 1

Gradually l am stepping up. It is getting tougher. I run 5mins twice today. I was ok but could not follow the breathing in and out tips. Knees are being weird. Not painful but not right as well. I am doing the exercise. I need 2 advices please:

1- l am always short of time. I have started running from in the morning. I tend to run a bit further after the half way bell, thinking l will be short of distance if l turned back. Advice, can l turn back and finish the podcast by the time l reached home

2- Can someone advise an extra light waterproof running jacket please.

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Slow and steady does it... breathing? Just breathe however feels right for you...

If you are short of time... get up earlier maybe? 5 minute warm up, half the distance and run back then your cool down walk. :)

I have this one.. it works too :)

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Thanks Oldfloss. It doesn't have a hood. How do you protect your head in rainy weather


I always run along our local canal. When the half time bell goes I turn round and am about a minute from home at the end of the podcast.

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I will turn round when the half time bell goes in the morning


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