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The Art of Prevarication

This week I have struggled to get out for W6R2.

It started out because I was really aching from the last run (but that was only the first 2 days and my muscles are learning all the time)

Then I was busy with work and family (It was ever thus)

Then I was stressed and tired or CBA'd (which running helps me with)

Then it was too hot (Coolish in the mornings though)

And then as the days passed, the doubts creep in and that little Gremlin starts; "Are you really sure you are cut out for this? Running, You?" (I wouldn't let any one speak to me like this in my real life so why do I tolerate this negativity?)

So this morning I set off in a gloomy but determined frame of mind. Down the farm track, through the fields and 10 minutes done. Confidence building now. Over the river (there is a footbridge!) and into the woods. I need to concentrate on where I'm stepping here and this distracts me for another 10 minutes. Only 8 minutes left and I've run that distance loads of times before. On to the lane and focussed on the big tree that should mark the end of the run.

So its done, hot but triumphant. I need to remember that feeling and the fact that I actually enjoyed at least parts of my run, next time the prevarication starts :)

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Ha, Helen had to check, you did Week 8 R2...😊😊😊

Those gremlins are even trying to put you back after your run!

Well done to you..YOU ARE a runner now and you KNOW this.😊 Only a few more runs until you Graduate. Keep up the good work. xx


Oh yes!!!! I'm doing even better than I thought :)

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