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Sneaky week 4!

I may be slow (which certainly describes my running speed) but realised a couple of things on week 4 that didn't strike me until I did the first run last night.

ALL of the lead up weeks have you running overall for about the same amount of time - 8 mins and week 4 doubles that so the step up although not feeling massive - is huge

The other runs also give you the same or more recovery time than you have just run. Week 4 is half the recovery time.

Scary stuff when looked at in that way. But having done the week 4 run 1 last night I can just say, the preparation of the previous weeks is brilliant. Yes it was a step up, but not the leap that the figures suggest. So well done to all those getting through or past week 4!!!!!

See you in week 5 x

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I accidently did a week 4 run last week as I pressed the wrong one. I got a really big stitch. Hoping now I've done week 3, week 4 will be more manageable.

Well done on your achievement!

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Its not just the running step ups. You have been building your endurance by regularly running for the past few weeks. 9 runs in 3 weeks (prior to starting W4) is not to be sniffed at.

A step up from 9 minutes W3 to 13 mins W4 is significant, but don't underestimate the amount of walking you have been doing - it is not just for recovery and it all counts. Gradually the walking intervals will get smaller as the runs grow longer.

Well done and enjoy W5!!

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