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Week 7 success!

Today I have conquered my first successful 25 minute run! Woohoo!

My pace, breathing & thoughts were all over the place for the majority of it but finally in the last 5 minutes I realised I was just smiling & going with the flow of my legs which was a really good feeling.

I also felt quite a nice wave of emotion during the cool down walk, just suddenly felt a bit weepy! Fancy that, after a 25 minute waddle! I can only imagine what an emotional wreck I'd be if I ever managed a marathon!

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Love it - have a weep on me!


Indeed 😃

You just ran your own mini marathon though didn't you! Don't under-estimate what you just did! Hopefully it marks the point that you became a runner. Hopefully you will take it from here and be running this time next year

Til then, slow and steady and thinking about the next session 🙂


Sounds like a great run - I bet those last 5 minutes made it all worth it 🙂


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