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W6R2 Last of the interval runs

After a challenging W6R1 on Saturday I was feeling a little flat this morning for W6R2, (my normal sense of excitement for a run diminished) but determined to get this one done.

The gremlins were out early, but its all white noise to me and I just plodded on knowing I wouldn't stop until Mr Johnson told me to. The run did me good. W6 has proved to be a lot different from all other weeks and I think for this week the mental challenge is as big as the physical one. I can't say I feel as good after my run as I have done previously, but W5 and W6 challenge you in different ways from the first month.

Its nice now that after a couple of weeks of no two runs the same, I can now look forward to my last run and all of W7 being the same 25 minute run, to allow me to get into my stride and get a bit of consistency. I think I am beginning to get that feeling of excitement for a run back again!!

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Week 6 run 1 really is a hard one. So glad you pushed through run 2 and it's onwards and upwards from here.


I hope so. The long runs always feel like such a step up but the ground work has been done. I'm sure W6 exists purely to put us off interval runs so we can embrace the longer ones.

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