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First 5K in 30 years

Today was WK8, Run 3 and in order to see how I was doing I decided to do a Parkrun. I thought that the worst that could happen was that I would do the 28 minutes jog and then walk the rest. Did the 5K in 40 minutes, very slow but given where I was 8 weeks ago, it was brilliant.

During the 8 weeks I've read quite a few of these posts and really empathise with most of them.

I've felt tired, down and elated on different days.

I've worried about future days runs being too long, I'm struggling now so how on earth will I manage that?!!

I've picked routes that ensure I am not seen by my neighbours and only my wife knows what I am up to, though the dogs are wondering why I don't take them out every other evening!

I'm 61 and very overweight, so if I can do this anyone can. If you're struggling now and then, read a few of these posts and then:

Focus on Duration, not Distance or Speed.

Focus on the run on the day.

Take the rest days and listen to your body.

Then you'll start to enjoy it.

Very best to everyone, now I can rest before WK9, Run 1 . . .

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Blimey, if you did 5k in 40 minutes being very overweight AND 61 I'd say you're not as slow as you think. My first 5k was 42 minutes, a couple of weeks after graduation, a stone and a half overweight and 56! But, yes, totally agree with everything else you say. Enjoy the last week.

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You are an example to all of us!


Wow, really impressed. I am 55 and overweight and sailed through to week 7..... stalled as I,could not do the full 25 mins. So yesterday started at,week 6 run 1 again...completed that so it doesn't hurt to go back a week or two. Thanks for,your post, It helps to put things in perspective.


Well done! You're doing amazingly well and you've nearly graduated too!! Keep it up 😁🏃‍♂️


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