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New to running, apprehensive but need to change, decent that can work with apple phones?

Hi Guys,

I am brand new to running but I have been a healthy weight most of my life perhaps at the upper end of normal but recently I have had lots of weight gain due to poor diet and a more sedentary job.

I think a smart watch that links with my phone might help, any recommendations?


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I have a fitbit charge 2. It tracks my steps, or lack of steps with a desk job, prompts me at 10 to the hour to get up and move. I'm encouraged to take the stairs more, it logs active minutes and sleep. It tracks outside walks, and there is a function to record the treadmill, which is an advantage to me as that is what I'm using currently for my runs.

I can also keep track of my water and food intake which I love as it makes me really think about what I'm putting into my body.

I have been looking at running watches but not sure if they are just for wear to run and give better stats.

Very best of luck with the running!


You don't need a running watch or fitness tracker just at the moment. Download the C25K running podcast onto your iPhone, and get outside to follow the program. At some point in the next 9 weeks, you may want to invest in a pair of running shoes.

Once you've graduated C25K (run for 30 minutes, three times in a week) you can treat yourself to a running watch. There are many brands, but Garmin is the market-leader. You may consider a ForeRunner 15 or 25, or up to the ForeRunner 235 depending upon your budget.


What MarkyD said.... plus welcome!!!

This is a great place to be and you will enjoy the journey... slow and steady and take it at your own pace :)

Tale your rest days, plus any other exercise on those days too if you fancy , cycling, walking , swimming etc.... and keep posting.. we are great at support and encouragement, and the odd push if you need it :)

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Yep... don't worry about the tech at the moment... The program is time based and any old watch will do or as others have said, download the podcast and play each week and you'll be instructed when to start/stop.


Couches across the nation are full of people that have learnt the hard way that buying a Fitbit or Garmin doesn't make them lose weight. As MarkyD said, try running the programme instead, it tends to work ;-)

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