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Time or distance when training


I will be 65 in 2 months and am aiming at a 5k in 41.10 which would be a age grade run of 50%.

Just done my 14th parkrun at the weekend with a PB of 44.45.

I have only managed to run it all the way once, it is usually broken up by fast walking inbetween the running to get 5k done.

On the days I have been training outside or on the gym track I have been aiming at running 5k . I seem to be able to run nonestop on the inside track, but lots of run walking outside.

Just wondering if I should be concentrating on only running 30 minutes on these days, and aiming to get my pace better in that 30 minutes instead . And just leave the 5k for the parkrun days.

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Distance over speed will pay greater dividends. Just keep getting the miles on the legs and funnily enough the speed seems to come all on its own 😊

The longer runs build stamina and strength and eventually this enables your legs to run faster.

And there's nothing wrong for walking some bits in parkrun, or anywhere for that matter. It's all fun 😊

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I wonder if you set off too fast on the park runs, influenced by the pace of the racing snakes in front of you? Start off slow and if you have something in the tank with a km to go, give it the beans!


I got quicker by doing short runs. 3k runs. Easier to fit into the schedule too Also 3 x 1k intervals where you run for a km then jog along for a bit til your breathing is normal then run another 1k, jog on, then the final 1 k. Or you can do the 3k all at once. It's all good. Just jogging a bit quicker between lamposts etc is helpful.

As long as you go carefully you'll be fine. Speed will come but body and leg strength has to get there first. When you are strong enough you will get quicker. It takes a while though

Whatever you do, have fun!

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I found a mix of increasing distance on some runs and doing short runs faster helped and will be doing that again as soon as I am back to doing a reasonable distance. With longer distances I quite often walk some. The main thing is to enjoy it though - it doesn't matter if it takes a while to achieve the speed you want.


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