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Week 1 complete :)

So, this morning I did Week 1 Run 3. I am currently away at a "conference" type event, but had an hours freetime, so thought I would make use of the hotel gym (the hotel is in the middle of a very built up area and I didn't fancy trying to work out a route round the streets here). Started on the cross-trainer, as there wasn't a free treadmill, doing the wam up walk and the first 2 runs - I just increased my speed - but then a treadmill became free to I did the rest on there.

I have to say, it wasn't the same as being outside - I think I prefer the outdoors and the fresh air. Also, I wasn't too keen on being able to see myself in the mirror the whole time! On the plus side, I didn't look like a beetroot when I had finished, just a healthy glow!!

Anyway - not more free time until Friday now, when I shall be looking forward to getting back outside and starting week 2....

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Well done- that's dedication doing it while you're away!

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Thank you! I thought it best to try otherwise it would be almost a full week between run 2 and run 3....


Well done for getting that first week done and dusted and for slotting that run in while away! Enjoy week two, keep it slow and steady and good luck for the first run on Friday. Let us know how it goes :)

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