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Got my running shoes back on😄

Well after a couple of months of no running due to blisters appearing under my arm, I took the plunge and thought I'd try a short run this morning.

I knew it would be tough having done nothing for so long, so decided to just put my headphones in and do the warm up walk then run for as long as I could, see how I go.

Well I managed 2K at a reasonable pace, wasn't easy, but am pleased with this, and I was keen to only do a small run to see how the armpit held up.

It was a bit sore after, and I have to say when I checked the top I was wearing there is quite a large seam, not that I think this is causing it but probably not helping. So may invest in a loose vest too while it still continues to be a problem.

I know previously one of you kind fellow runners said to try body glide to help prevent chafing, is there anything else others use that I may be able to get easily in town, rather that ordering on line, I am keen to get back into my routines as I was doing so well previously and feeling really good.

I am going to persevere and get back to where I was......😂

Have to say watching the Paralympics has made me feel ashamed a few blisters have stopped me, but has inspired me as well.

Well done team GB!

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Well done for getting your running shoes on again :) . Re chafing, I was on the same train last week as a group of runners and they were all passing round a large tub of Vaseline to smear on themselves. Hope you find a solution that suits you.

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A thanks slowworm will try that! 😀


Well done on getting back out there......

I bought some Lanacane anti chafing gel from Boots in Newport and it has worked well for me in general :)

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Thanks Ali will have to pop in and get some to try.


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