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Running 2 consecutive days

Well I did Parkrun yesterday which was tough going with the muddy bogs and have had sore calves and my ankle which is a tad arthritic has been showing up, giving twinges, so have been stretching well with a hot soak in the bath. Typical! I never usually get soreness..

This morning I've still been getting the soreness but was OK on the first run with the new running club, but there was some hill work on the 5k route and I felt somewhat tired doing it, with which the run organiser stayed with me with and gave motivation, and think that was down to the yesterday's effort.

So, although consecutive running days can be had within reason, there's a lot to be said for rest days. For me now a few days rest, before hopefully getting out for a run on Wednesday, and possibly Christmas day Parkrun...

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Good for you for trying it Dave but I'm sticking firmly to my rest days between as I just don't want to risk any injury and I think if there are any weaknesses then running two days in a row might highlight them.

But you did it and you're still here so it's all good!


The rest day is not really, it's when your body does its best work. The occasional consecutive run won't hurt but I wouldn't make a habit of it. It's ok if you're much younger and fitter I suppose but that doesn't apply to most of us as older or newer runners

I take a daily omega 3 fish oil capsule as I get joint pain if I don't. Fingers and my big toe!

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Thanks MW

I wouldn't make a habit of it either, I'd like to do some more consecutive runs coming up, but have still got some aches from the weekend, so think I'll have more rest, and maybe just walk.

I also take Omega 3 fish oil, have done for years, keeps my joints moving OK...reminds me, think I need to get some more..


There's a group on FB where they all "Run streak" - run every single day for months, some of them over a year... seems like madness to me, I think it would get boring apart from anything else, and all that sweaty kit to deal with every day?

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