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lesson learned - running and vampires don't mix

Ok so maybe it seems obvious with hindsight but yesterday I didn't think twice about doing Wk3 run2 in the morning (and I totally nailed it, finished with loads of energy and feeling great :) ) on the day I had a 7pm appointment to give blood.

I felt fine at the donation, felt fine after the donation whilst scoffing biscuits and being v.pleased with myself for saving lives. Then this morning I woke up and it feels like every muscle in my body is aching. I guess removing some blood whilst muscles are recovering from exertion is not a good idea!

Think I'll take an extra rest day before run 3 and finish the week on Friday... and make a note not to run on my next donation day in June.

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Better to run then donate blood than the other way round though!

Yes, have an extra rest day or even two if you feel you need it. I'd suggest you eat sensibly and judge when you're ready based on your energy levels, although I'm not an expert and others might have better advice.

Well done on giving blood. Great thing to do if you can :)


true, especially as I run in a cemetery - not the best place to faint!

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Make sure you drink enough too, donating makes you dehydrated. xx


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