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Hi everyone, we are a group of university students volunteering at a newly formed cancer association and we were hoping to receive some help

Hi everyone,

We are a group of University students doing a volunteer project with a cancer charity, and we’re researching the methods that charities interact with their communities and their effectiveness.

Because this charity represents a non-prevalent form of cancer and just commencing its journey to aid people in our area, we are looking to find ways to better their operations, and we were hoping we could get some input from people in the community. If any of you have time to answer the following questions, we would greatly appreciate it.

•What kind of support are you receiving from your charity? (i.e. education, support groups, links to financial assistance)

•How did you become aware of this charity or support group? (Online research, reference from a doctor or cancer center, family or friend etc.)

•What are some shortcomings of the charitable organization you are currently involved with? i.e. what could they do to better aid your experience?

•What are some of things this organization does well, that you think other forms of charity?

Thank you for taking the time to answer the above question, we greatly appreciate your aid.