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This is the most blood I’ve seen :(


The rest of my poo was normal but there was a part that was red/maroon I am unbelievably scared, when I wiped there was no blood. I know it’s blood cause I’ve done a fit test before and it was positive. It’s scaring me so much I can’t stop thinking about it. Anyone have something like this happen and it wasn’t serious.

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I’m so sorry the doctor refuses to do anything before the baby is here.. can’t help you with advice I’m afraid but having the bad health anxiety I can only imagine how you feel. When is your baby due? Hopefully they can arrange colonoscopy as soon as possible ..

I actually thought your doctor said it was ok to have sigmoidoscopy while you are pregnant. What made them change their mind?

Jazzy1990 in reply to Dia89

It’s so hard cause I have health anxiety aswell. My baby is due in December and I’m hoping my stress isn’t affecting my baby. They want to wait till baby is born so it’s safer I think.

Where’s the blood? It’s difficult to eee

Those two stool pieces are Red/maroon. The first one has blood all around it.

The rest of my stool was normal.

Oh I see. It’s hard isn’t it as I have severe health anxiety. I feel for you. I’d say try not to worry, but you need to stay calm or itll make you worse and you’re already under a lot of stress with the pregnancy. You’ll get answers soon. I have ulcerative colitis and everything you’ve said is very common for that. Have you ever been tested for that?

I’ve not been tested for UC yet. But for UC aren’t the symptoms quite a bit of blood and going to the loo regularly? Last year I had hemorrhoid problems and I new it was hemorrhoids as it hurt and it was bright red blood, but since around March I’ve had this problem with the darker blood. My mind is going to the darkest places.

It will do! I’ve been the same as I’ve been having a flare up since March and have abnormal liver results now, fun

Colitis is so different for everybody.

Can be urgency, frequency, or constipation, blood is usually a given but during this flare I’ve just had mucus and no blood. Sounds like it could be IBD, if it’s Crohns it can affect any of ur GI tract whereas colitis is only the bottom. If you’re bleeding higher up or at the start of your colon, it’s likely to be darker as it’s been inside longer. Just think statistically it’s very likely it’s IBD

You’ve been diagnosed with colitis? I’m thinking of the worst case scenario and it’s actually driving me to the edge. I’m someone with health anxiety with blood in stool for ages and can’t even get test done. I just feel so down. :(

Oh bless you. I suffer so bad with health anxiety. Yes I’ve been diagnosed 26 years. I still suspected bowel cancer even though realistically for me it’s going to be colitis related or I hope!

Having health anxiety is so bad, I am making myself ill really. But the thing is I can see the blood and I’m not imagining things which makes things 100 times worse. I’m actually petrified.

No you’re completely right that it’s not in your mind, but please think about the chances, you’re much more likely to have IBD which has been brought on through pregnancy, I’ve read this is quite common, have you googled that?

I’ve had these symptoms before I found out I was pregnant, that’s why I know it’s not pregnancy related. I’m really hoping it’s hemorrhoids but this doesn’t look like hemorrhoid blood.

No it doesn’t but it also doesn’t mean it’s sinister. Honestly I’m going through it with you, I was like it since March and it exhausted me so now I’ve stopped thinking that way, it took months but it was wearing Me down.

It’s highly likely to be something like IBD if it’s been going on a while.

Ring your GP Monday and ask them to send you a Sample pot Out to do a calprotectin test

It’s a stool sample. Under 50 is generally considered normal (Negative) and 200 positive. Inbetween is a grey area that they normally repeat

If you have active inflammation in the bowel, some white blood cells shed something called calprotectin. And the higher the concentration = the higher inflammation

It’s generally seem to be quite high in IBD so if yours comes back 3/400+ then it’s highly suggestive of IBD

Get a colonoscopy I don’t want to frighten you but I got the same symptoms and it was cancer if it’s got early it’s treatable so get it done asap


Hi Jazzy1990, thank you for keeping us updated and I'm so sorry to hear that you are still experiencing symptoms, anxiety, and that they've put you on hold until after the baby is born. Waiting until December seems like a long time. I know that some doctors will perform a flexible sigmoidoscopy to a pregnant patient. But again, because you indicated darker blood, they might be wanting to wait until they can do the colonoscopy because often darker blood indicates the issue area is located higher up than they can see on a flexible sigmoidoscopy.

Your health anxiety has me concerned - have you shared with your medical team about this anxiety? I'm wondering if there are any additional tests or anything that can be done - you have enough to think about as a mom-to-be, and I'm sorry this is one long waiting game for you regarding your GI issues.

If there's a doctor, nurse or coordinator at the doctors' office that has shown any kindness, I might reach out to them and just ask them if there's any possibilities of what can be done because you are concerned about the stress you are under.

Please do keep us posted and I wish there was something we could do. Hang in there and please let us know as you have any developments or news from the doctor.


Hi Jazzy1990 - any change with the bowel conditions and/or anxiety? We're all thinking of you - hang in there.

No change :( I just wanna cry all day. I don’t know how to cope. I have talked to my doctor and they seem pretty clueless on what to do so think I’m gonna call the colorectal surgeon again and ask for sigmoidoscopy let’s see what he says.

Mommy_of_2 in reply to Jazzy1990

did they agree to the sigmoidoscopy?


I'm so sorry, Jazzy1990. I think contacting the colorectal cancer surgeon would be a good idea. If you are getting nowhere with the current doctor/healthcare team, try someone else. I hope you get some relief and peace of mind. Please keep us posted, we're here for you.

~Nicole @ GCCA

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