Membership Card - A question for Karen

Hi Karen. I regard my membership 'Attention' card as a potential life-saver and carry it with me at (nearly) all times. Unfortunately the printing is quite soft and is gradually wearing away, has anyone else had this problem? Is it possible to get a replacement card and have you considered using a more robust printing method?

Kind regards Malc.

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  • Haven't had anyone else report this problem, Malc, but its certainly not a problem to do you a new one.

    Can you email me on with your full name, and I'll get it sorted for you forthwith!


  • And as for printing method, we can't print them any other way - we have a special card printer that was bought for us by a member, and until it dies, it'll have to do!


  • OK thanks Karen.

    email is on its way, sorry to be a nuisance.


  • Membership card, for what ?

  • CMT UK

  • Hi, yes I have the same problem. I will send my card back to you Karen.

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