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CM T and PIP Oct 2018


Been on DLA for over 13 years now due to my CMT , my then award was High and Middle rate for life, The car i was allowed on that benefit helped me emencely.... Appealed twice Aug/Sep 2017.....for Pip.

Just had my Tribunal 29/10/18.... Been awarded the lower standard award for washing and dressing. Nothing To help with my mobility.

To be honest the past years on my Middle and High level rate helped me with a Mobility car has been such a fantastic help for me.

The goal posts have moved, my condition is still there. Just hitting 60 and the main help has now been taken away.

I was told by the judge " there is nothing stopping me from applying again"



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Hi, I am the same I was awarded lower rate daily living and higher rate mobility indefinitely in 2002 with the DLA, but now lost the mobility with PIP. I now get the standard award for daily living, but no mobility allowance. I did the reconsideration bit and then onto Tribunal. Been advised not to appeal this via Welfare Rights as they say the goalposts have changed and I would definitely lose the appeal, and they might even take away all of my benefits. How can that be if you have been awarded and have points for daily living and your appealing only the mobility side of things. This PIP is a bloody disgrace. I am sticking with my award at this time and when I need to be reassessed I will definitely be ready this time. Sorry this has happened to you. I do not drive so had not car, but the money helped with getting better quality shoes and boots, slippers etc.

It's really unfair and if you can fight i wouldn't give up although they know most of us don't have the strength to!! I was the same my car was taken off me last dec, it's really degrading as we ppl living with cmt is not a choice ,yet we are treated like scroungers and makes out difficult life 10 times worst i really feel sorry for you now and sympathise 😪

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