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Help/Advice required for P.I.P. tribunal appeal hearing ?

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I am preparing for my appearance at a P.I.P. tribunal appeal: Can any fellow CMT (type1A member who was successful in getting the DWP's decision overturned, tell me what to expect, and what would be their advice: I will be accompanied to the tribunal by a Welfare and Benefits Support officer from my local council: Thank you:

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Well hopefully we soon as they see you walk in , it wil! Be self explanatory.

Take any documents supporting you.

how does your cmt affect your walking ?

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John1945 in reply to iainw

Yes CMT (Type 1a) most certainly affects my ability to walk : I have now progressed from a walking stick to an 'elbow-crutch', which is much more suitable to my needs, and it is also a great help in maintaining my balance, and prevention of 'falling' issues:

Both of my leg(s) muscles are totally wasted away and gone, even trying to rise from a chair, or a WC is a with great difficulty: Stairs are also a major problem, as I need a handrail to pull myself up with both of my arms:

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