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Wisdom Teeth growing And Brain Fog who make me feel bad :'(

I'm 19 and I have my wisdom teeth that grow at the same time and I experience such as simpthomes derealisation (brain fog) 24/24 it there's five months ,tiredness dizziness loss of weight and muscle mass and skin color and weakness muscular I'm analyzes everything was ok reassure me please this is normal,Does there anyone who has gone through it ... :'( and is that going from the teeth will be released ?? Thanks for reading me and sorry for my bad english ...

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Hi Mario, I had my wisdom teeth out when I was 23 because I was having problems with them (no space) . I can't say that the prior discomfort or even the extraction had any impact on my CMT. In your case if your teeth are causing a lot of discomfort it may be having a knock on effect, as a lot of things do. Maybe someone else has had different experiences to share.

Good luck :)


what kind og problems did u have ?


The problems were with my teeth, there wasnt enough room for them to grow in and they were impacting on the inside of my cheek. They didnt cause any problems with CMT. I was miserable after the general anaesthetic with grogginess and a mouth like a wolf (and 4 stitches!)


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