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Hi. Has anyone suffered from acute pain in their calf?

Blood tests for DVT were negative and an MRI scan showed no stress fractures nor for that matter any soft tissue damage, not sure whether they were scanning for this. Bone consultant has no other ideas except that I may have damaged a muscle or tendon which is not healing due to the way I move around due to my CMT.

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Hi, Anthony,

Yes, well sort of - I have occasionally had a tremendous pain in my right shin. it has always been in the morning and lasted a few hours. It hurts so much it makes walking just about impossible. My GP simply said it was varicose veins, and nothing to worry about. Occurrences have become very rare now, thank goodness, and many years later I still have no very obviously visible signs of varicose veins. Perhaps it was just One of Them Things, and probably not the same as yours at all.

I hope you find a answer - and, of course, that the problem will eventually go away.


i have tend to feel like muscle strain but goes away eventually nothing to worry about i dont think i do however take Crampex when it comes on and that seems to help


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