Cloudy with a Chance of Pain
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Sunshine and Pain

Sunshine and Pain

I'm new to this forum. I'm 67 diagnosed with RA in my late thirty's. It affects all of me not just the joints. I've had the distal ends of the Ulnas removed from both wrists to help the hands work better. I been prescribed most of the usual treatments over the years some of them worked some did'nt. The along came Enbrel (Eternercept) in 2005 and it was like being transplanted into a new body! Like all drugs they lose their effect over time and I now take Methotrexate to help the condition.

I found that exercise worked for me in managing my pain and have continued to cycle, swim and work out in the gym since I was given the diagnosis. The weather is very important to my wellbeeing the hotter it is the better I am. I must have been an Inca in a previous life!!

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Hi 1701A - good to see you here. Great photo :)


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