pain pain go away

pain pain go away

hi every one i have suffered with arthritis for a few years i have worked as a mechanical engineer for 35 years in mainly heavy industry when we were apprentices when some of the older engineers used to moan when it was cold we thought they were pulling a fast one so us young uns had to go out in all weathers as the years went by and the aches and pains got worse the penny dropped so to say

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  • I wonder if we would have done anything different if we could have looked into the future???!! I was a bit of a tomboy and fell several times climbing trees, i worked in the health industry and we lifted some heavy weights-- all this probably caused back probelms and some of the aches and pains. Should cotton wool have been provided at birth🙄🙄🤔🤔

  • no way would i have done anything different i could never be desk bound and we didn't wrap our daughters in cotton wool my eldest is a nurse (itc qual) and as now taken a post in A&E as she cant go any higher in intensive care so she is on her feet all day my other daughter is now a barber and is on her feet all day. when i was a child we made our own fun and came home when the sun went down cotton wool only used with iodine on cuts and grazes

  • I agree- until my back goes again !!!! Does fun = pain!

  • Thank you for sharing your experience. I worked at home on my father's farm and anything the guys could lift I could lift too even though I was a girl! subsequently had a discussion with the 3 doctors who were trying to get a lumbar puncture needle into my spine and suggested it might have been difficult due to my back muscles strength. It was Dismissed!! but they were not lying there while they stabbed and dug!

    However it did work eventually and the release of fluid from my brain helped until the stent and drain was fitted - I stopped falling over so often and my legs worked again!!

    Not my best experience in life, but am so grateful for the skills of the Neurological team at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary (December 2014)

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