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Cloudy with a Chance of Pain
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“Hello World” & Weather Fascination!

I have just joined up, having been using Cloudy with a Chance of Pain’s app since February. I have Fibromyalgia, quite severely (unfortunately), leaving me with quite restricted mobility and pretty incapacitated. This, I do firmly believe, is quite largely part to what the weather is up to – and so I am actually very glad someone is finally doing something about it and researching this strange phenomenon!

I've always been a believer that pain is exacerbated by the weather, and these past eight months or so I believe to have been shown I was definitely not imagining it! We’ve had the perfect weather (so to speak) to monitor the waves of varying temperature and weather, months of tempestuously raging storm versus heatwaves and harsh thunder storms. My pain has been riding along with it... and unfortunately it has rendered me virtually entirely housebound throughout the entire period since November.

I have had one or two days of freedom every now and again, like a couple of days ago when it was lovely and hot. The heat is the only thing that allows my muscles to move with the least amount of relative pain. Whilst others were melting, I managed to wheel myself about, independently and quite cheerfully, from the car to Starbucks and back (quite a ways away) for the first time ever, since I became ill – a huge achievement!

I suffer with extraordinary pain, and generally am unable to leave my room. As I stated, this is absolutely directly related to the weather. I am lucky that I was always a computer nerd, a certifiable and proud Geek, and during these past months since last November, this passion for commuting, gaming, coding, discovering Linux, and learning more about IT tech, I don't know what I would have done.

It would be nice if this study, or another it inspires, manages to come up with something (or at least definitively irrefutable proof) that helps us be more pro-active in dealing with the extra amount of symptoms suffered during these periods, so I don't have to only rely on my computers and consoles for comfort and consolation all the time whilst storms rage and rain lashes outside – allowing them to be more than a distraction from the pain I suffer.

I guess I would like some clues how to get at least some of my old life back.