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Tramadol warning

Hi I just wanted to share my experience of taking tramadol with others. After taking it for a couple of months I had a seizure resulting in being hospitalised for a week and dislocating my shoulder (never had a seizure before, I'm 46) while in hospital having tests to see why I had the seizure they continued giving me tramadol. After going home I had 4 more seizures resulting in the same shoulder dislocating 3 more times. Only after investigating the subject myself did I realise the Tramadol was causing the seizures. When I confronted my Doctor with this information he said he had never heard of this happening before although it's well documented on the NET. If you are given this medicine be very wary and if you feel at all unwell insist on being given something else. Doctors only seem to prescribe it as it's cheaper than morphine even though the side effects are awful. I'm now on MST and Gabepentin, my pain is almost under control but I have a constant reminder of my Tramadol experience thanks to the severe pain in my shoulder which is with me for life even after 2 operations to try and repair the rota cuff.

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I collapsed on the bus after taking tramadol and ended up in A&E. I wouldn't take it again.


Hi there, I'm really sorry to hear about your experience with Tramadol, it sounds awful, I'm sure many people taking part in the Cloudy study will have experienced similar issues with medication and wondered if you would be interested in sharing your story in the Newsletter? if so please email me at

Thanks - Rebecca, Cloudy with a Chance of Pain Project Officer


I have been on trammadol for over 2 half years and now they put me on 3200mg a day of Gabapentinand also morphine which these too are not as good as trammadol


Hi, so sorry to hear of your plight with Tramadol. Although my reaction was different, I make sure I have that red band on my wrist with the word TRAMADOL when I go into hospital. I was in so much pain one morning I remember taking it for the first time after being prescribed the previous day by my GP. After getting into the car for work, within less than 5 minutes i became increasingly hot and returned very quickly to my home. My girlfriend asked what are you doing. As I got near my home I had to stop the car & jump out before I crashed it. I asked her to quickly open the door of our home, in the meantime I felt a chronic itching of my body became apparent as if my blood was boiling it was hell on earth. I ran into the house discarded my clothes quickly and screamed at my partner to fill the bath with cold water. I jumped into the shower and stood under a cold shower for next half hour trying to get my temperature down. I sat in the cold bath whilst this foreign body left my blood stream. If I tried to stand I would become acutely aware my body temperature would rise again. I drank endless glasses of cold water until the fear of leaving my cold sanctuary was gone of starting this blood boiling itching. Yes it was TRAMADOL. The allergic reaction was nothing I've ever experienced, it left me traumatized and with welts all over my entire body from head to toe. Several years later after an operation I was given tramadol by a doctor to help with my post operation recovery after I told them I'm allergic and do not want it. He insisted I take a small dose, which I reluctantly said ok. Again I became hot and flustered & he agreed i had an allergy with TRAMADOL. So when I read your post I just had to write. Good luck.

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i have had no problems with Tramadol i have been on it now for over 12 months i have had a good tolerance to it i take 400 mg per day when my pain is bad sometimes when i mention the name Tramadol i get a sharp intake of breath its a pain killer that doesn't suit everyone