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Autumn/Winter CLLSA Newsletter. CLL NEWS

Autumn/Winter CLLSA Newsletter.  CLL  NEWS

The Newsletter of the CLL Support Association, CLL NEWS is now available on-line as a PDF: .

Inside this Issue

Page 1 Chairmans Foreword

Page 2 Infections by Dr T Hamblin

Page 3 Blood Friends

Page 4 Stress and CLL

Page 5 Stress and CLL cont....

Page 6 Useful Herbs and Oils

Page 7 Middlesex Meeting Report

Page 8 Fundraising

Page 9 "IN The BLOOD" CLL Research Project

Page 10 Diary Dates /Cardiff LLR Day

Page 11 January Cardiff Meeting Invitation / Flu

Page 12 Medical Definitions

3 Replies

Can anybody help me re the Liverpool conference on CLL tomorow?


Hi littleriver I have answered your blog post this morning, have you regisatered for the meeting? cllsupport.healthunlocked.c...

If you have reserved/registered a place by contacting the trustees' Personal Assistant by email at: ,

there should not be a problem I hope you enjoy the day it is looking very interesting. if you are awaiting confirmation and are concerned contact the above email address or telephone 01925 726 052 ..

Visiting the website I see that the meeting is not listed as full and registration closed. If you have not booked and wish to attend book now, please PM me if you have a problem.





Fantastic, thanks Nick , I hope my wife and I can link up with you tomorowPresumably we will have name badges, .


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