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should I seek quicker help for my newly acquired Aortic stenosis

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I am on w&w for CLL. However I have now developed acute Aortic Stenosis.

I am 93 and reasonably fit for my age, 2 hours tennis, 3 hours gym, per week.

Symptoms tiredness, fatigue, lack of stamina, congested lungs, cognitive problems.

The cardiologist says I will die within the next 2 years of the condition, but if I get a replacement heart valve I could be good for another 5 years.

8 month waiting list for a TAVI, is that Ok or should I seek to get it done sooner


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Wait for the TAVI. Do NOT let them crack you open. Much better to have a catheter go to your heart. My brother is an CRNA (certified nurse anesthetist) who has put ppl to sleep for heart surgery and that is his

recommendation. Just kinda take it a bit easier until the 8 months is up.

Not cut out everything. But you know, a bit slower, cut the time down, that sort of thing.

I care,


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calebF in reply to Spacee

Thanks Spacee. That's my feeling, no surgery at my age , not afraid of dying, just want to enjoy life a little longer

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Spacee in reply to calebF


I have a relative thats 94 he had a TAVI put in at 92 . He’s doing very well. He didn’t have to wait very long to have it done.

It there anything you could do to shorten the 8 months wait time? Perhaps you could be put on cancellation.

All the best ...

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Name-1 in reply to Raglan

Your risk is general anesthesia.

Best wishes!


Hi calebF.... it would be best to get infomation from reliable medical sources based on your specific degree of stenosis and cardiac status. Generally, whether there is an adverse impact of time delay from diagnosis to treatment is dependent on severity of the stenosis and current effects on your heart. You describe some of those effects in your comments such as fatigue, congested lungs and cognitive problems.

You may wish to discuss your concerns about the risk of delay directly with your cardiologist.

For general reference information however, there is a good article on Aortic Valve Stenosis, Diagnosis and Treatment on written by an interventional cardiologist and radiologist from 2017. Additionally, be assured Anesthesia is excellent these days.

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