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3 On-Line Immunology Courses are Being Offered by Rice University, Houston


If you have some college biology under your belt, Rice University in Houston has recently moved their on-line immunology courses from the EdX.org platform to the Coursera.org platform.

These are not focused on any specific disease, though diseases, including cancer, are mentioned, as are the use of antibodies in drugs and medical tests.

You can audit at no cost. You can also pay US $49 for each course to get the certificate. Some downloads may only be available to paying students.

The courses are all available starting today, January 2, 2019.

They estimate 5-8 hours per week to watch the videos, do the readings, and take quizzes and tests. I would double that.

There are 3 courses in the series, aimed at undergraduate medical school juniors and seniors. I think it amounts to over half of what the actual college students get.

The first is:


Innate Immunity and B-Cells

The other 2 are:


T-Cell Signalling


Auto-immunity and Allergies

Since this is the 1st time the courses are being offered on Coursera, I imagine the discussion forums will be well monitored by Dr. Novotny and her teaching assistants. I found the discussions on EdX allowed us to get additional explanations and clarifications.

I had no college biology when I first attempted these several years ago. I ended up doing an Intro to Biology on EdX.org from MIT - the hardest course I've ever taken. But back then, one had to keep up with the course schedule. I believe it's more flexible now on Coursera. So there's time to look up terms and watch additional videos if you are rusty. I don't think they have time to explain basic biology in the discussion forums. I wrote part of the EdX wiki to provide a list of additional YouTube videos to help out.

I did find that these courses significantly helped my understanding of CLL and it's various treatments, but the old course schedule was stressful along with my work schedule and family. I will be taking them again as a refresher, and to see what new lectures and handouts Dr. Novotny has come up with due to recent research.

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Thanks, I’m going to have a look! 😊👍

Very interesting - thank you for sharing this -

Thanks for posting this info! I've been thinking about taking a course/s in immunology.

Here are some video links about immunology from other online sources that some med students use.


Immune System: Crash Course videos

Hank Green's Crash Course videos are generally aimed at a young adult set, but I like them a lot. More details about him at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crash...)

15:01 Your Immune System: Natural Born Killer - Crash Course Biology #32

9:12 Immune System, part 1: Crash Course A&P #45

9:43 Immune System, part 2: Crash Course A&P #46

9:36 Immune System, part 3: Crash Course A&P #47



Allergy and Immunology - Osher Mini Medical School

This series from Osher Mini Medical School at UCSF provides information about how a normal immune system functions and how doctors treat disorders of immunity - 11 hours


Armando Hasudungan Immunology Videos

Armando does very nice high speed drawings of concepts and simplified diagrams of the mechanics of cell interactions while explaining them. 34 videos in no particular order.

I've bolded some of particular interest to us. Usually, immunology is taught with innate immunology first, because it was discovered first, and innate immune cells respond to infections first.

9:53 Immunology Overview

The Maps try to get a higher level view:

11:57 Immunology Map - Immune Cells

7:41 Immunology Map II - Organs and Tissues

6:55 Immunology Map III - T cell development I

9:10 Immunology Map III - T cell development II

7:20 Immunology Map IV - Innate Immune Response I

8:29 Immunology Map IV - Innate Immune Response II

14:40 Immunology Map V - Cell Mediated Immunity

9:32 Immunology Map VI - Humoral Immunity

7:42 Immunology Map VII - Adaptive (Acquired) Immunity

14:56 Immunology - Adaptive Immune System

7:06 Immunology - Introduction to Antibodies

14:18 Immunology - Antibodies (Function)

When we say we are 11q/13q/17p/T12 "mutated" - these next 4 are what that good kind of "mutated" means:

9:59 Immunology - Antibody (BCR) and TCR Diversity

9:59 Immunology - Adaptive Immunity (B cell Activition, Hypermutation, and Class Switching)

7:16 Immunology - Antibody Somatic (VDJ) Recombination I

12:48 Immunology - Antibody Somatic (VDJ) Recombination II

8:27 Part I - Inflammation

7:53 Part II - Inflammation

9:34 Immunology - Innate Immunity (Inflammatory Response)

6:43 Immunology - Innate Immunity (PAMP and PRR)

9:02 Immunology - Innate Immunity (Diapedesis)

9:12 Immunology - Innate Immunity (MHC structure)

8:02 Immunology - Innate Immunity (MHC processing)

9:56 Immunology - Innate Immunity (Toll-Like Receptors)

7:23 Immunology - Innate Immunity (Scavenger Receptors)

14:48 Immunology - Innate Immunity (Complement System Overview)

7:36 Mucosal Immunity Overview

10:22 Part I - Mucosal Immunity

13:59 Part II - Mucosal Immunity

5:05 Part III - Mucosal Immunity (IgA antibodies)

9:30 Immunology - MHC I Processing

10:57 Immunology - Toll Like Receptors Overview

7:59 Immunology - MHC II Processing

5:26:09 Total

(Armando may have added or deleted one or two since 2014)



This is the official Khan Academy web site immunology course

Most of these videos are also available on YouTube individually, or in play lists. But the other playlists seem to omit 1 or more of the videos. The Khan site also has questions that students have asked, and their answers.

16:20 Role of Phagocytes in Innate or nonspecific immunity

8:07 Types of Immune responses, innate and adaptive, humoral vs. cell-mediated

14:13 B lymphocytes (B cells )

11:33 Professional antigen presening cells (APC) and MHC II complexes

20:34 Helper T cells

9:16 Cytotoxic T cells and MHC I complexes

11:07 Review of B cells, CD4+ T cells and CD8+ T cells

14:36 Inflammatory response

1:45:45 total

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