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Lowered Immunity?


I have been on watch and wait for 17 years and the lymphocytes remain around 20, so no action would seem to be required yet, but I have had a couple of episodes of diarrhoea which last three days and leave me whacked. I am also very cold most of the time now. Is this just a sign of my lowered immunity and if so can I expect a bit more action when I next attend the annual consultation at Addenbrookes? I don't have much faith in the gp surgery as they are in the midst of changing management yet again after only 18 months! By the way I don't eat from dodgy take-a-ways!

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Wow catmad, an ALC of only 20 after 17 yrs on W&W! That’s what I call indolent. Are you other labs ok? Do you have enlarged nodes? Importantly, how are your immunoglobulins doing which may be a greater indication of how your antibody response is fairing.

Certainly mention the debilitating runs and the feeling of being cold at your consultation but all things being equal, I doubt the annual consultation at Addenbrookes will generate much frenzy on the CLL front with excellent levels like that. Those symptoms still need investigating though.

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I agree with Newdawn. I would ask to get your IgG checked when your other bloods are done. Intolerance to heat and cold is not uncommon with CLL, but if there are no other symptoms perhaps you would do better looking for an answer with your general practicioner or a gastroenterologist. One problem with having a CLL diagnosis is that we tend to think of CLL first when anything is out of line.

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