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Fluctuating fever


Im suffering from fever. Last night i was feeling ill. Was feeling cold and drowsyness.etc.. so i took a panadol

But today morning when i woke up due to uncomfortness of breath plus chest congestion and checked my temperature . It was showing 37.6°C then without any medication or any food or water... by itself it came down to 36.8

Then again after 1 hr it rised to 37.2

I changed the thermometer too to see if anything is wrong with tht.

But again it is going down n up.

And i m feeling very weak. I didnt eat or drink anything yet since morning because i dont feel like doing so

So my question is..what is the reason of the simultaneous fluctuation in fever. And how can i cure it at home.

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The answer is you can’t and you need medical advice to make sure you’re not becoming dehydrated.

I’ve spent the night with my very elderly mother in A&E who had a very high temperature and severe hydration. She doesn’t have CLL but you mention you’re not tolerating fluids which can be dangerous.

My mum has sepsis as the result of the chest infection. Please take some medical advice, have your obs done and keep your fluid intake up.

Best wishes,



I’m sorry to hear this, Newdawn. Hope all is well - and get some sleep!

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My on again off again fevers and chills evaded diagnosis for about a month until I was hospitalized with sepsis. This ended my 8 years of WW. Be careful.



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