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Hematolog needed

Hi I a writting on behalf my very good friend.

She had ultrasound few days back which showed enlarged lymph nodes now on both sides of her neck. 6 months ago they were only on one side. She also told by her endocrinologist to see hematologist. No names or recommendations. So I am looking for her for recommendations. I thought you guys could be a big help. We live in Cleveland Ohio. Any names of good doctors in Cleveland area?

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You live in driving distance to one of the best CLL centers in the country. Ohio State Medical Center in Columbus. I sure someone who goes there will chime in with doctor information.



Dr Byrd at The James is one of the most well respected CLL specialists in the U.S. I saw him in October.


Hello I have the same big lymp notes on both of my side. Saturday I came down with strep. went to the ER and they put me on Ketorulac & clindamyecin. Sodium Chloride. Took about 1hr He also did a Scan on my neck. Then he put me on penicillin for 10 days. .He also took lab & sais my Patasium was low & My WC where high, He Thought it was because of infection. Have to go see my family Dr & do Blood work again . Hope it was ok. I did have strep & today my tonsuls are big. & they have white on them fro the infection.. I hope it helps soon I don't like being sick


Follow up with your doctor to be sure if it's CLL or the infection. Let us know how you do.



Dr John Byrd is a world class CLL specialist based in Columbus, OH


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Cleveland Clinic! Right at your door.

Definitely Ohio State University. My sister lives in Columbus. If I need another opinion, I will go up (live in FL) to Columbus. I am going to Moffitt Center in Tampa in Feb/March for second opinion.

Good luck in your journey!


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