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Upcoming Post ASH CLL Society Patient and Caregiver Educational Forums Dec. 16 in Seattle and Bethesda


ASH is the most important hematology conference and this year there is sure to be clinically relevant news for those of us with CLL. To learn the latest (and the basics too), please join me in Seattle right after ASH with Dr. Pagel and strong team from Swedish Ho. and the Hutch on Dec. 16. The same day, Dr. Wiestner and his team at the NIH in Bethesda will be presenting a similar CLL Society program. To learn about them both and all our other free educational forums register, visit cllsociety.org/upcoming-cll... and find the meeting that works best for you.

I will be in Cleveland and Seattle and others. Hope I get to meet some of you in person.

So much new every week in CLL: new combos, fake data, CAR-T approval, the new Zoster vaccine. The ASH CLL data should be amazing.


Stay strong


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Just registered. Thanks!


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