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Hepatic Hemangioma

I am new to the forum. I have CLL and I am a UK patient on watch and wait. I was diagnosed in 2015 and have had the condition since 2011. I am in general good Heath with raised but stable WBC counts I am seeing a Consultant on a 12 monthly basis with a six month intermediate blood tests via my GP.

Recently I had an abdominal scan that identified two Hepatic Hemangioma malignant tumours on my liver. I have been advised that these do not require any further investigation or treatment by my GP.

Firstly, does anyone have a knowledge of whether or not my CLL has contributed to or caused this condition? Secondly, if anyone else has had these tumours what advice has been offered to them by a CLL specialist?

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Hi Shazbot and welcome,

I've no idea whether hemangiomas are connected to CLL but possibly so as they're essentially a mass of tangled blood vessels. I'm awaiting a Dermatologist appointment to have an external one looked at but only because I have a history of malignant melanoma. Hemangiomas in themselves are not malevolent in nature to my knowledge.

When you say these are 'malignant' on your liver, are you absolutely sure? My understanding is that hepatic hemangiomas are actually benign. This link explains;

Obviously you need to be guided by medical advice and I have no idea whether CLL complicates matters but whilst sounding very alarming, it would appear that these are not cancerous tumours which would explain why no further treatment has been suggested for you. I certainly hope that is the case.

Best wishes,



Hi Newdawn

Firstly, thank you for your reply. Secondly, I used the wrong term and meant benign, not malignant.


Oh that's a relief Shazbot! We have enough to contend with without further malignancy issues.

It sounds like it's just a matter of looking after your liver as I'm sure you'd do anyway and action on these things are rarely needed unless they become problematic. Speaking purely simplistically and with no scientific basis to my observation, I do sometimes wonder if our errant blood activity further feeds things like this.

Others may have had personal experience of this and be able to advise you further.

Best wishes,



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