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The news on Jan 12 may affect a small percentage of persons on this blog. President Obama signed a law passed by congress authorizing disability payments to marines, family members, and civilians who lived at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, for 30 consecutive days or longer in the years 1953-1987. The drinking water was found to be tainted with carcinogens. There are eight diseases presumtively connected to Camp Lejeune, one of which is CLL. I was a Marine stationed at Camp Lejeune in 1967 and was diagnosed with CLL on Chrismas Eve 2015. The law signed Jan 12 goes into effect March 14. If you have questions, call the USMC at (877) 222-8387 (Healthcare), or (800) 827-1000 (Benefits)

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My wife had seen a newspaper article on Obama's action and suggested I should apply. I had taken Advanced Infantry Training at Lejeune in the summer of 1964, drank lots of water, and in 2016 was diagnosed with CLL. So I applied to the VA, told them where I was being treated, spoke with a Nurse Practitioner, and a few months later I given a 100% disability. The state veterans assistance office made whole process surprisingly easy.

I had not seen your post on the subject until today. This is a big deal and many ex-Marines know nothing about it. Thanks for your post.

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