For life-saving blood purification, magnets may trump antibiotics

For life-saving blood purification, magnets may trump antibiotics

'Although over half of all cases of blood poisoning prove fatal, the condition can be cured if caught early. That's why doctors typically start administering antibiotics as soon as they even suspect that harmful bacteria are present in the bloodstream. Using these medications too often, however, can lead to antibiotic resistance. With that in mind, an international team of scientists is developing an alternative method of blood purification – it involves drawing the bacteria out with magnets.'

The UK NHS article on blood poisoning notes that 'There are around 123,000 cases of sepsis a year in England. Around 37,000 people die every year as a result of the condition.' :

Note that we can qualify twice in the first given reason for being most at risk of sepsis - a medical condition (CLL) and receiving treatment for our CLL, which often induces neutropenia, putting us at risk of neutropenic sepsis.

People most at risk of sepsis include those:

- with a medical condition or receiving medical treatment that weakens their immune system

How quickly Neutropenic Sepsis can become deadly:


Photo: It's not only the health system that is facing budget cuts it seems...

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  • Thank you for this article. A good area for speed in research development, but, as you point out with poor Santa, the financial need may be lacking.

    Amazing to learn all the worldwide collaboration in medicine.

    Neil, I noticed (but did not explore the article) a mention of there being an Aussie animal (maybe sea creature) that might be instrumental in diabetes research--will the Down Under wonders ever cease?

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