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A USA fellow traveller

Kudos to you Brits for the insight to give to each other this marvelous care and concern! You have a much better sense that we are all one in the struggles of life. I would offer a comment---too often such service is described as "free" or "no charge". In fact, it is paid for by each of you giving a piece of your life each day to your neighbor, no questions asked. Sadly, it is called a tax. But it is much better spoken of as the contribution you make every day to the aid of others, unseen and unnamed. And they do the same for you. It is people at their best. Keep it going. Hopefully we Yanks will one day see the light. "Never give up. Never, never give up"--Churchill paraphrased, I believe.


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Managed healthcare, in a sense, is a form of 'pay it forward'... an idea I strongly admire and try to emulate.

Its not free healthcare as you point out... it was paid for in advance, for the good of all.

Tommy Douglas, the Father of Canadian Healthcare, History Idol

Tommy Douglas — who was at times labelled a “Red” and a “Communist” by his political opponents — won the honour largely for his belief that every Canadian deserved the right to have quality health care, regardless of their economic or social situation.


We welcome everyone..We're all in this together !

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